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Wenzhou Kaiming Machinery Co. Ltd. is a professional large-scale production of inflatable shaft, differential slip shaft, inflatable drum, inflatable sleeve, aluminum guide roller, magnetic powder brake, clutch, tension controller, rubber roller and other mechanical parts, many equipment manufacturers supporting products, with the machine sold all over the country, and exported to the United States, Japan Malaysia, India, Belgium, Southeast Asia and other more than 10 countries and regions, with the price and quality of credit advantage, win the favor of customers.

Kai Minggang, aluminum series inflatable shaft, inflatable sleeve, the company combines the advantages of similar products at home and abroad, continuous innovation, carefully designed, through the use of air pressure to provide the key bar, aluminum, rubber tiles, uniform expansion shaft outer surface, thereby locking the copper core, start work operation. When unloading, the cylinder can be unloaded by holding the gas outlet. Is the production of inflatable set necessary, the barrel can be applied to 6-12 inch specifications, convenient handling, flexible application.

Wenzhou Kaiming Machinery Co. Ltd. air shaft in the practical application, steel - to bear heavy paper reeling without damage, aluminum - light convenient for feeding reduced the amount of labor. Can be widely used in printing, coating, composite, slitting, laminating, paper and other related machinery and equipment of reeling.

Since the inception of the enterprise, focus on the development of inflatable inflatable shaft, sleeve, aluminum guide roller, magnetic powder clutch. The quality has been continuously improved, and the product has reached the international leading level. Because of the "low price, high quality, high quality service", the product has won the praise of the majority of users for its quality reliability, operation stability and economic use! Wholeheartedly welcome new and old customers call, letter and visit guidance cooperation, I hope our service can do your heart for the cause of glory.