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Inflatable shaft is divided into key type inflatable shaft (steel, aluminum, two) slab type inflatable shaft (three, four, six three)

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Inflatable shaft is a special unwinding, scroll, is through the high-pressure air surface (key / slab) can be raised, deflated after the surface part (keys / slats) quickly retracted the shaft. The use of inflatable shaft is extremely convenient and fast, users only need to bring air, air pressure control in the range of 6-8kg/cm2, need to lock the external components (such as circular fit, as long as the paper tube) inflation gun to the gas nozzle on the inflatable inflatable shaft can be completed, key / process will live outside the top slab part. When the paper tube is relaxed, the air core can be deflated by pressing the movable air core on the inflating mouth, and the key strip / strip will be retracted in situ, and the outer parts can be taken out.
Inflatable shaft is divided into: the key type inflatable shaft (steel, aluminum two)
Strip type inflatable shaft (three pieces and four pieces and six pieces of three)
The use of inflatable shaft is very wide, where there is a winding and rewinding, slitting machine, can use flatulence axis, even light metal industry, widely used in printing, packaging, plastics, paper, glass, pharmaceutical, electronics, textile machinery industry battery and coil processing industry.