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"Aluminum guide roller" is also called "aluminum alloy guide roller""

* 来源 : 开明机械 * 作者 : 顾光明 * 发表时间 : 2017-11-14 * 浏览 : 324
“铝导辊”又称“铝合金导辊”,是通过选用优质的铝合金材料,经模具,成管型,内有加强筋结构,强度高。外径有Φ22m-Φ320mm等多种规格。全轴经电脑动平衡校正处理,使平衡最高精度达到2g内,运用精密的设备及特殊刀具,使辊面光泽度达到 0.8,同轴度达到0.02mm。轴端经特殊工艺处理,配合进口轴承,在高速运转下,皆能轻松自如。根据产业的不同需求,辊面还可做特殊处理:阳极氧化HV300处理、阳极硬质氧化HV700处理,镜面阳极硬质氧化HV700,特氟龙(Teflon)处理、使其具有良好的耐刮、耐磨、防粘性能。

"Aluminum guide roller", also known as "aluminum alloy guide roller", is made of high quality aluminum alloy material, through mold, tube type, with reinforced structure, high strength. The outer diameter has a variety of specifications such as 22m-, 320mm and so on. The whole shaft is adjusted by computer dynamic balance to make the highest precision of balance reach 2G. By using precision equipment and special tools, the glossiness of roll surface is up to 0.8, and the coaxiality reaches 0.02mm. The shaft end is treated by special process, with imported bearings, which can be easily operated at high speed. According to the different needs of the industry, and can also be used as a special surface treatment: anodic oxidation, anodic oxidation treatment of HV300 hard HV700, hard anodized mirror anode HV700, Teflon (Teflon) treatment, which has good scratch resistance, abrasion resistance, anti adhesion performance.
Aluminum guide roller has high strength, small resistance, light weight, flexible rotation, no rust, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, especially suitable for printing, packaging, plastics, paper making, glass fiber, pharmaceutical, electronic batteries, textile and other machinery industry and a variety of coil processing industry.